HMRC unveils plans to replace Government Gateway accounts with One Login

HMRC unveils plans to replace Government Gateway accounts with One Login

The government has announced that it is investing in a single login system for taxpayers and agents using online services such as HMRC with the launch of GOV.UK One Login.

This new login service will have two factor authentication to prevent fraud and will be rolled out across all government web services to replace Government Gateway accounts over the next three years.

The project is being led by the Cabinet Office with HMRC one of the first government departments planning to roll out the service.

Once the system is live, users will only need a single login to access all central government services, rather than remembering multiple accounts and passwords.

Over a period of time, One Login will replace all existing login’s and identity checking platforms across central government, replacing the existing system which is now over 20 years old.

GOV.UK One Login is also being designed to improve digital inclusion by offering multiple ways for people to prove their identity – including those without photo documentation (like a passport or driving licence) – and access government services online according to the Cabinet Office.

As the rollout is completed there will be pressure to transfer millions of Government Gateway individual users to the system.

In a statement, HMRC said: ‘From Spring 2024, HMRC will begin to invite individual customers without existing HMRC online sign-in details to create a GOV.UK One Login account. There will then be a gradual migration of existing Government Gateway customers starting with very small and controlled numbers.’

It is important to note that HMRC will contact individual taxpayers to advise them to migrate.

HMRC stressed: ‘Existing Government Gateway users will be informed when they need to create a GOV.UK One Login account to replace their Government Gateway – they don’t need to contact HMRC.’

Agents (accountants) will continue to use Government Gateway to access their services for the time being and HMRC has not yet finalised details of how the agent rollout will work and the timetable.

Once the system is fully operational, the full range of HMRC and wider government services will be available online through the single login, including income tax, student loans, and Universal Credit, which are currently available through Government Gateway.

At the moment, there is simply a list of links to other pages on sites, including find a grant, apprenticeship assessment service and basic DBS checks.

HMRC has issued initial guidance on the new login, stating that ‘GOV.UK One Login is a new way of signing in to government services. It provides a simple way for you to sign in and prove your identity using an email address and password.’

There is a new authorisation and identity verification process to sign up to the One Login, which means you will need to have some identification documents such as a passport or driving licence to complete the application. 

Users will have to input an email address and include the preferred method to get security codes, either via a mobile number or an authenticator app.

Once you start the registration process, HMRC first checks your email address by sending a six-digit security code to verify the email.

Once an account is created, the system will send security codes to verify identity via text message or authenticator app for mobiles, tablets, or computers. Then users will be able access their account.

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