Accounting Software

Accounting Software

Accounting software – what is the best to use for your business?

Choosing accounting software is a big decision for businesses and getting the wrong software whether it’s too complex for your business or too simple for a more complex business can be an issue.

Unlike some accountancy practices we don’t have a one size fits all approach, instead we are proud to partner with a number of accounting software companies and are happy to suggest the best fit for your business.

Should you wish to switch accountants to us, you have the reassurance that we have expertise in the following software’s, which is one less thing to worry about!

Take a look at who we work with.

Odoo is an exciting evolving ‘app based’ software which can be configured to work with other apps to address all your business needs in a simple, cost-effective and modular solution, so you no longer need to worry about inputting data more than once into various systems.

We are proud to be experienced accounting partners and would be pleased to talk you through how Odoo could work for your business.

Odoo - Accounting App
Clear Books - Website 2

Here at Kennedys Accounting Ltd we have partnered with Clearbooks since our business was started back in 2014. A great easy to use online accounting software designed for UK small businesses, contractors and sole traders.       

Xero is a well known cloud based accounting software for small and medium sized businesses. Originally based in New Zealand, the software is now worldwide and supports an ever growing number of businesses.

As partners of Xero, we are happy to discuss the software with you and help you to operate it to maximise the information you can obtain about your business.

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