Confirmation Statements

Confirmation Statements

The annual confirmation statement is a filing requirement for all limited companies and limited liability partnerships (LLPs) registered in the United Kingdom.

A confirmation statement must be filed at Companies House at least once every 12 months, even if the business is dormant.

What is the purpose of a confirmation statement

The purpose of the filing is to verify that all the company data recorded at Companies House is accurate and up to date.

If any information held on record needs to be updated, then this needs to be completed either before, or at the same time as, filing the confirmation statement.

What is included in a confirmation statement?

To complete a confirmation statement, you need to check the information registered at Companies House and confirm that it is correct and up to date. The information that has to be checked and confirmed includes the following:

  • Registered office address
  • Details of the company officers for limited companies this would be the directors and maybe a company secretary. For a LLP a list of members is required.
  • Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes. These do not usually change from when the company is incorporated, but if a company adds additional services, this may need to be amended.
  • Names of each shareholder
  • Shares held by each shareholder (class, quantity, and details of any transfers) as well as any share changes.
  • Details of Persons with Significant Control (PSCs)

Can I just report changes using the confirmation statement, or do I need to complete additional forms?

Some changes to your company information can be changed when you complete the annual confirmation statement. The information you can update includes:

  • SIC codes
  • Shareholder details
  • Statement of capital

All other information, such as amendments to directors and the registered office, must be reported separately using the relevant documents – the Customer Experience Team here at Kennedys Accounting will be pleased to assist you with any changes you wish to make and discuss them with you. The forms can be completed and filed either as and when required, or at the same time as filing your confirmation statement.

When is the confirmation statement filing deadline?

A confirmation statement must be filed at least once a year, no later than 14 days after the end of the 12-month ‘review period’. Your review period starts on:

  • the date of company formation, or
  • the ‘statement date’ of the previous confirmation statement

The review period ends the day before:

  • the anniversary of company formation, or
  • the statement date of the previous confirmation statement

The statement date is the date on which you must confirm that the company information recorded at Companies House is correct.

If you look at the ‘overview’ page on Companies House, for your company, the details will be listed on the right hand side.

But if you are a client of Kennedys Accounting you don’t need to worry about missing the deadline, the team at Kennedys Accounting will be in touch in plenty of time to remind you that the confirmation statement is due.

Who is responsible for filing the confirmation statement?

Filing the confirmation statement is legally the responsibility of the directors, even if they have delegated this to the Company Secretary or their accountant. In an LLP, designated members are responsible for filing confirmation statements.

If you fail to file your confirmation statement, it can have serious consequences for a company and its officers. Companies House may take steps to strike off the company or LLP. Filing the confirmation statement late can result in adverse credit for the company.

Do I still need to file if there are not any changes?

Yes, even if everything remains the same for the company, a confirmation statement will still need to be filed, it’s the confirmation that Companies House need.

How to file a confirmation statement?

As a customer of Kennedys Accounting, you don’t need to worry, we will be in contact in plenty of time to discuss this with you and ensure that your confirmation statement is filed and you remain compliant.

If you are not a client and require help, please contact us, Kennedys Accounting will assist with your annual confirmation statement to Companies House, making sure you keep them up-to-date on the essential information about your directors and shareholders.