Odoo Bookkeeping

Odoo Bookkeeping

Odoo is made up of a series of apps which need to work together to give you the best use of this intuitive CRM.

Many of our new Odoo clients start by talking to us about how the various apps need to talk to each other – https://kennedysaccounting.uk/odoo-consultancy-service/  ……BUT the question we are nearly always asked is  ‘how to sort out the bookkeeping to enable the apps to all work together.’

Any size business in any industry can benefit from using Odoo accounting, which is fully customisable to any business. If your business is growing and you are looking for a joined-up solution for reporting all elements of the business, whether that is stock, e-commerce, purchases & sales or inventory production for example – then carry on reading…. This could be the ERP software solution you are looking for!

Unlike other more traditional accounting software, which effectively you plug in and off you go, Odoo does need a bit of work to get started, BUT…. it will be worth it! Let us here at Kennedys Accounting do the ‘heavy lifting’ and get you underway.

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Once set up correctly, Odoo will automatically create all the underlying journal entries for all accounting transactions, for example, customer invoices, bills, point-of-sales orders, expenses, inventory valuations, etc. so straight away, saving you time.

Several companies can be managed within the same database, with each company having its own ‘chart of accounts,’ which is also useful if you need to generate consolidation reports. Users are able to access several companies but can only work on a single company’s accounting at a time, so nothing will get muddled.

As transactions are linked to your contacts/accounts. You can run a report per customer, vendor or supplier at any time, it even has a ‘multi currency’ function with an automated exchange rate for international transactions.


BENACO Testimonial

Benaco black - resized

Benaco was incorporated in 2015 with an ambition to create 3D virtual tours of ‘spaces’ using laser and panoramic data for tours both outside and inside buildings, which soon became a growing business and the directors decided to change to an automated bookkeeping service for accounting and selected Kennedys Accounting to work with us.

Before we met with Kennedys Accounting, we had tried to work with Odoo ourselves but realised quickly that we needed some help to configure the accounting module to work for us in the way we needed it to. Kennedys Accounting got to work – helped us set up all we needed to go forward, such as foreign VAT filings and adapting some standard reports and even helped to import historic records to give us access to our old records.

Kennedys Accounting now complete the bookkeeping for our business on a weekly basis, with very little input from us thanks to the level of automation within Odoo, that Kennedys Accounting helped us set up; the bank pulls in automatically, bills are sent in by suppliers to a separate email address, all of which automatically pulls into Odoo as draft invoices, which are reviewed and approved weekly.

Having Kennedys Accountants skilled and experienced with using Odoo really has made a difference to our business and improved the reporting we have available to us.