Odoo consultancy service

Odoo Consultancy Service

Changing accounting software is a big decision to make and investing in a new CRM to encompass your entire business can be daunting.

Choosing Odoo means that you can ensure that all elements of your business work closely together, saving you both time and money, BUT to start with you will likely need to invest in some consultancy time to ensure everything is working well and in a joined up way – you will need to import data from your previous accounting software and test everything to ensure it all works. The last thing you need is to be losing data or incorrect information being pulled through into a new system.

Changing to Odoo and investing time in putting together a great system for your business growth plans has to be worth it.

Here at Kennedys Accounting we work both with you and your team, as well as the IT department within your company or the outsourced one you have engaged to work with.

With this joined up approach, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands and also have the reassuring knowledge that any issues you encounter, there is a team available to help you – who have helped to put your accounting system together – what a great way to work.

Our Odoo consultancy packages are designed to help you whether you are starting out with Odoo and putting together a new CRM or if you are dealing with the change of software as an accounting department within your company.

Whether you need a few hours of support to learn the Odoo system or some time to work out the best reporting systems for your business, we will be pleased to assist.

Cloud Controlled testimonial

Established in 2016, Cloud Controlled is a rapidly growing technology e-commerce store, with a small team working on specialist customer orders for Cisco Meraki computer network products. With an ever-evolving business we knew we needed to simplify and automate a lot of the processes and systems that our business was using and move to a grown-up accounting platform and decided to take the plunge for some new technology of our own.

We engaged a software implementation company who recommended both Odoo and Kennedys Accounting to work with us to implement the accounting module of this excellent CRM system. Working alongside the IT company, Kennedys Accounting undertook consultancy services with us to assist with the automation of purchase orders and sales alongside other management reports to be able to track orders in progress and goods in transit.

There was a tight timescale for this transition to be completed to correspond with our imminent year end, and Kennedys Accounting and the software company worked together importing and checking historic data whilst inputting new information to ensure there wasn’t any interference with on-going / new invoices and transactions. Once we had switched over from our previous accounting software to Odoo completely, Kennedys Accounting is still available to provide on-going consultancy support and training as required for the Odoo accounting module. We had been searching for a long time for a ‘proper accountancy company’ to help us with this migration; and now we have someone we can call on for book-keeping advice as well as preparing and filing our accounts. We would highly recommend their services.

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