Kennedys Accounting Fee Protection Cover

There continues to be an increased risk of HMRC enquiries and therefore the likelihood of a tax investigation by HMRC continues to rise. HMRC officers are now using new, wider powers to visit premises and inspect financial records and as a result, tax enquiries are at record levels and are becoming more complex.


The cost of a tax investigation both in terms of your time and your professional adviser’s time is inevitably rising.  Many enquiries start with a VAT or employer compliance check (PAYE/NIC) and often move on to more detailed inspections which could potentially include company accounts, corporation and self-assessment Tax returns as well as CIS.

HMRC are especially interested in investigating the various schemes and loans which were introduced during the covid pandemic, for which HMRC have several years to undertake investigations.

Dealing with HMRC can be strenuous and, on top of which you don’t want to be worried about how much your accountant’s fees might potentially be.

Kennedys Accounting are offering fee protection cover for clients for who we submit company accounts, company Tax returns and personal Tax returns for, together with associated services, such as VAT returns and Payroll. With this cover in place, you can rest assured that the professional fees resulting from HRMC enquiries and potential investigations are covered, which leaves you free to manage your business, while Kennedys Accounting handle any enquiry.

Although most of the reported investigations in the press tend to be for high-profile tax evaders, maybe on avoidance schemes or offshore tax schemes, the number of enquiries that HMRC are conducting on ordinary taxpayers and businesses is increasing.

The most recent information from HMRC reported that for every £1 spent on enquiry work, they recovered £20, which is a rate of return any business would like!

Final - FPC

Can you afford not to be covered?

If you don’t have Fee Protection Cover and receive an enquiry/investigation from HMRC, our minimum fee will be £250 + VAT for the first hour to ascertain the requirements, followed by a fee of £90 + VAT per hour (plus disbursements).

Therefore, being reassured that Kennedys Accounting will be available to provide a first-class service to assist you, without worrying about the fees for the potentially expensive work required, offers a huge peace of mind to clients who take up this service.

To ensure you are covered with the Kennedys Accounting fee protection cover, all you need to do is let us know if you would like to go ahead with the annual or monthly billing and we can get this arranged for you.


Payment Terms:

For clients who receive a HMRC enquiry and pay monthly for the fee protection cover, we reserve the right to claim the balance for the year before starting work on an enquiry/investigation, if it is made within the first 9 months of taking the cover. All payments for the full year will be required to ensure cover is valid.