Changes to the confirmation statement – from 5 March 2024

Changes to the confirmation statement – from 5 March 2024

Further changes have started to come into play as various aspects of the new Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act come into play.

One of the first areas affected is the way you file your confirmation statement.

Here’s what you need to know:  

Registered email address

All companies need to provide a registered email address. This email address is to communicate with the company by Companies House – it will not be available to the public.  

Existing companies need to give a registered email address when they file their next confirmation statement, with a statement date from March 2024 onwards.  

Statement to confirm the company is lawful

All companies need to confirm that the intended future activities of the company will be lawful.  

You need to confirm this every year on the confirmation statement. You will not be able to file a confirmation statement without this statement. 

The fee to Companies House

Following the changes listed above, the fee for filing confirmation statements will also increase from 01 May 2024 from £13 to £34.

Consequences of not filing a confirmation statement

Although rarely pursued as such, not filing a confirmation statement is a criminal offence and can adversely affect the status of your limited company. There is no penalty for filing your Confirmation Statement after the deadline, however – if you don’t file at all, Companies House could start legal action against the company directors and will eventually remove the company from the register.  

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